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Elixir Testosterone Enanthate 275 (10mL vial)

Elixir Testosterone Enanthate 275 (10mL vial)

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Product Code: Elixir Testosterone Enanthate 275 (10mL vial)
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Each mL contains:

275 mg Testosterone Enanthate


Testosterone Enanthate is the most common form of testosterone used by body builders. It is regularly recommended for the treatment of individuals that are deficient in natural testosterone (TRT). Generally injected biweekly, it can be stacked with various other compounds. For example, the classic bulking stack is Testosterone Enanthate, Deca and Dianabol. Individuals looking to reduce fat whilst maintaining lean mass can stack it with Tren E and Anavar.


Below are benefits from effective use of Testosterone Enanthate:

Increased Strength

Increased Muscle Mass

Reduction in body fat

Improved recovery

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