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Elixir Testosterone Propionate 100 (10mL vial)

Elixir Testosterone Propionate 100 (10mL vial)

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Product Code: Elixir Testosterone Propionate 100 (10mL vial)
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Each mL contains:

100mg Testosterone Propionate


Testosterone Propionate is a short ester steroid which belongs to the testosterone group. When used effectively (injected every other day) and stacked with other short ester compounds like Masteron Prop/Tren A, the user will see very good results. Alternatively Test P could be used to kick-start a cycle and stacked with Test E/Test C with Deca/Bold, depending on the user’s desired outcome.


Below are benefits from effective use of Testosterone Propionate:

Increased Strength

Increased Muscle Mass

Reduction in body fat

Improved recovery

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