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Oxandrolone 50

Oxandrolone 50

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Product Code: Oxandrolone 50
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Each tub contains:

50 tablets x 50mg Oxandrolone


Oxandrolone or Anavar, is known as one of the safest, mildest steroids with minimum if any side effects at all. This is typically taken by users who desire a lean /hard physique, however if taken by itself in a cycle user may feel they need to take a higher dose to maximise the results. Typically taken by males at around 50-100mg/day, whereas for females, 10mg/day is more then sufficient to achieve desired gains. Due to its very mild properties users have been known to take anavar for as long as 12-16 weeks without any issues (while supplementing milk thistle for liver protection). During a cutting cycle, Anavar is normally used alongside Testosterone and Tren/Masteron/Winstrol.


Below are benefits from effective use of Oxandrolone:

Promotes fat loss

Promotes a lean, hard look

Increased lean muscle tissue

Minimal water retention

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